Registration for Fall 2017 

Registration dates are now available for the Fall 2017 soccer season at Registration Dates.  Our online portion of the registration is changing a bit, and we will provide that information as soon as its available.

AYSO Region 325 Needs You to Volunteer

AYSO is structured by Regions, Areas and Sections.  Our local region (Loudon County) is called Region 325. Each Region is run by a volunteer Regional Commissioner and a volunteer Regional Board.  Recently, our regional board lost several key volunteers and our Spring 2015 season was in jeopardy.  However, our past Regional Commissioner, Erica Ammons graciously agreed to temporarily serve as Regional Commissioner, and she convinced several other "old-timers" to help.  But, our region desperately needs volunteers to fill key positions.  Please consider volunteering to serve on the Regional Board.  Loudon County AYSO needs you!


Please contact our Regional Commissioner to volunteer at:


AYSO has seven required Board positions.  Key positions that need to be filled include:


Regional Commissioner - Leads the Region and its Regional Board. They consider the needs of their community in providing a vibrant, growing Region ensuring as many players as possible get the AYSO experience. Their role includes overseeing strategy, finances, volunteer recruitment, scheduling, policies and procedures, growth and most of all, making soccer fun for the players.


Registrar - Plans and carries out the annual registration of all players including choosing sign-up locations, coordinating on-site and gathering applications and fees.


Treasurer - Handles the financial activity of the Region, and its paperwork, including registration collection and recording, savings, paying bills and deposits.


Safety Director - Applies safety requirements and oversees maintenance to all soccer equipment, nets, fields and facilities.


Coach Admin - Leads the Region's volunteer coaching program.


Referee Admin - Implements the AYSO National Referee Program at the Region level, including implementing training and development, certification and more.


CVPA - Plans and implements the annual registration of all Region volunteers. They follow the guidelines of the Safe Haven® program including gathering applications for volunteer positions, screening applicants and upholding state laws that protect children.


Detailed position descriptions are available on the Volunteer Positions page.

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